Need Help in Your Florida Divorce and Do Not Want to Spend Money on Attorneys?

Many divorcing couples agree on the division of assets and a shared parenting schedule.  However, they are confused about the divorce process and what to do.  They don’t know what court forms to fill out and how to fill them out.  As a result, one or both spouses will hire a lawyer and pay up to $300 an hour for the attorney to prepare and file the court documents.  


It has become increasingly common for couples to engage a Florida state certified family mediator for assistance and guidance through the divorce process.  Even if the divorcing couple doesn’t need mediation because they are in full agreement, they still hire a mediator as a more affordable alternative to an expensive attorney.  


If you and your spouse are divorcing and are in agreement concerning all or most matters relating to the dissolution, consider working with a mediator.  A certified mediator can identify the forms that need to be completed, explain how to complete the forms, prepare a parenting plan and settlement agreement and perform child support calculations.  Some mediators can perform all of the above activities for less than $500.